What kind of ‘mindset’ do you have when it comes to creativity?
No parent thinks. “I wonder what I can do today to undermine my children, turn them off learning, and limit their achievement.” Yet many of the things we do boomerang and often send the wrong messa ...
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uSwitch Switches to 3 Monkeys Communications, the independent price comparison and switching service, has appointed 3 Monkeys to handle PR for its energy proposition, following a five way pitch ...
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Analyst Relations
Navigating the new era of Analyst Relations (AR)
From influencing service and product purchases or market investments, to providing robust analysis to guide any IT procurement decision, industry analysts remain a key influencer set for emerging or es ...
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Real-time Marketing Gets Automated… and Personal
According to Marketing Land, ‘real-time marketing or “RTM” moments occur when brands and agency marketers react quickly to local, national or global events ...
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Creative Safari
Getting in Touch with Our Inner Creativity on Safari
Last week we did something a little bit different. A few of us went on a creative ‘fieldtrip’ or more specifically a ‘creative safari’ to Hyde Park and the Serpentine Galleries ...
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Dismaland - Me
Dismaland – it’s pretty dismal…
We all know Banksy likes to make a statement, but we must admit – he’s outdone himself this time. And no doubt created a lot more work for the PR team at Disneyland! ...
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