The Monkey Grapevine – this week’s highlights

Hello and welcome to the first 3 Monkeys ‘The Monkey Grapevine’. Our aim is to share some of the articles, blog posts and general interestingness that has been doing the rounds online every week. 3 Monkeys’ hand picked highlights are as follows…

First up, for non profits that are considering foursquare, Kyle Lacy offers some advice on how you can get involved.

10 Ways for a NonProfit to Use Foursquare

There are a lot more than 40, but if you really had to put 40 on a list, then this isn’t a bad place to start at all.

40 bloggers who really count

We like a good infographic, but an info video…even better. Here’s a corker from digitalbuzz about the future of mobile.

The Future Of Mobile

2 info videos in 1 week…He’s an updated version of the original and much distributed Social Revolution video courtesy of Socialnomics. Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen the original. In fact it’s worth a watch even if you have for an update on a whole heap of social networking related stats.

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

With the England team announced this week, brands are also trying to book their seats on the plane to South Africa’s World cup this summer. Here’s a low down on who is warming up and who looks like getting on the score sheet.

World Cup 2010: Brands Getting Social in South Africa

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